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"Ultimate Hand Bliss: Wireless Electric Massager with Heat, Air Compression, and Acupoint Therapy - Say Goodbye to Arthritis Pain and Reveal Beautiful Hands!"

"Ultimate Hand Bliss: Wireless Electric Massager with Heat, Air Compression, and Acupoint Therapy - Say Goodbye to Arthritis Pain and Reveal Beautiful Hands!"

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Type 01: White Electric Hand Massager


1.Invisible touch panel, covered with airbags, three-dimensional waves press the hand acupuncture points, overall three strength levels;

2.2 temperature settings and 6 massage modes are carried out alternately (massaging the hands by dividing into several parts, respectively pushing and pressing);

3.With timing function, automatic power off in 15 minutes;

4.Cloth cover with drop rubber designed with built-in massage points can directly hit the hand acupuncture point and bring amazing massaging experience;

5.Insisting on using it every day can greatly relieve hand stiffness, acid anaesthetic, release pressure, dispel fatigue;

6.Improve joint flexibility from the palm to each finger, the air bag covers all surfaces, mimicking human fingers by gently rubbing, pushing and pressing;

7.You can also use it with hand cream, which can effectively accelerate the nutrient absorption of hand skin, relieve the dryness of skin, improve the roughness of hands, and nourish the delicate and beautiful hands.


To start the machine, first press the power button, choose male or female mode, adjust the strength button (green light- gentle mode, red- soothing mode, blue- strong mode). If you require a heating massaging, press the heating button to adjust the temp. The machine will auto turn off in 15 minutes.



airbag encapsulation, six modes, three strengths, two heat levels, thermosensitive heating, chargeable, touch control

Applicable situations: housework, afraid of the cold, game players, office workers, dry hands

Material: ABS+PC
Power supply: USB-C charging
Product weight: 1196g
color: white
Product size: 21*17.8*10.4cm
Package size: 25*22*14cm

Product packaging:

1* Hand Massager
1* USB-C Charging Cord
1* Manual

Type 02: Electric Hand Massager

Electric Hand Massager Multi-functional Hot Kneading Massage Device Palm Finger Joint Massage Relieve Tendonitis USB Charging


1. Air bag massage: wrap the wrists and palms in all directions, deep kneading massage, 3 modes, 3 levels of strength adjustment, a relaxing SPA for your hands.

2. Professional hand care: Two levels of constant temperature hot compress and two levels of vibration massage can effectively relieve hand fatigue and reduce hand soreness and pain.

3. 15-minute intelligent timer: 15-minute massage every day to improve various hand problems, such as tenosynovitis, mouse hand, hand stiffness, etc.

4. Wireless use: built-in 1800mAh lithium battery with 2 hours of long-lasting battery life, allowing you to protect your hands anytime and anywhere.

Product Parameters:

Material: ABS

Color: White

Power: 8W

Rated voltage: 5V, 1000mA

Input voltage: 5V

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Charging time: about 2 hours

Usage time: about 2 hours

Net weight: 674g

Product size: 21.4*16.9*10.2cm

Packing List:

1* white host

1* Type-C Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

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